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Smart shopping with financial freedom

3 September, 2023

Retail therapy has always been a crutch and a necessary dopamine fix to ensure a complete holiday celebration.

A pre-set budget sets boundaries and controls to suit the heart and the wallet, ensuring the dopamine rise will have a positive outcome. As millennials move with the changing demands of their lifestyle, it would serve well to put pen to paper or spreadsheet and calculate how best to invest and spend throughout the year, especially around the holidays.

Entertainment is priced to suit different lifestyles, so pick the tier that suits you best, much like NDB credit or debit cards. Don’t forget to capitalize on the experience by taking a friend along for great gift ideas and fellowship. Try these methods to make the best choices when going on a shopping spree.

Do a price/promotion comparison.

- When you select an item like electronics, check online, as most products are featured on multiple e-commerce sites.

- If it’s groceries, keep your bills, do a price comparison, and check your promotional updates on your phone.

- If it’s fashion items like clothes and accessories, look out for seasonal offers on NDB credit and debit cards.

Set a budget before shopping.

- If it’s for one person, allocates a value.

- If it’s larger groups during festivals, have a collective amount.

Shop generically.

- Buy something (food or for the house) for families.

- Buy gift certificates (of the same value) for individual members.

Understanding personal circumstances can help manage expectations and promote financial growth. Start by listing your financial commitments, such as living expenses and travel costs, against your income. This will reveal your professional capabilities compared to your personal needs.

Choosing an NDB globally accessible credit or debit card will give you the benefit of discounted shopping, offers for dining, travel deals, and other offers that rotate all year.

A debit card combines the wide acceptance of a credit card with the accessibility of an ATM card, making it the most convenient card to have. No more fear of overspending; No more searching for the nearest ATM; debit cards make a transaction seamless. Remember, NDB is there to support your growth and provide an array of facilities to meet your changing financial needs.