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Nikini Full Moon Poya day

27 August, 2023

According to the calendar, Nikini Full Moon Poya day falls in the month of August.

The Nikini Full Moon Poya day is a very special Poya day for Buddhists around the world.

The son of Gauthama Buddha, Ven. Rahula Thera listened to the Dhamma and became an Arahath on a Nikini Poya day.

The protect the Noble Dhamma for the future generations, the First Convocation of the Buddhist Council or the, First Dharma Sangayanawa was held three months after the Buddha’s Parinibbana on a Nikini Poya Day. This was under the leadership of Arahath Maha Kassapa Thera and the venue was the Sapthaparni cave in Rajagaha Nuwara. Five-hundred great Arahats participated in the First Dharma Sangayanawa.

Bhikkhus who were unable to observer the Perawas, have the opportunity to observer it on Nikini Poya day. This is known as Pasuwas.

Buddhists in Sri Lanka mark the Nikini Full Moon Poya day every year by engaging in many religious activities such as Aamisa (material) and Prathipaththi (spiritual) pooja.

Mihi Deegodage (Pic: Internet)