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Lanka Comic Con Lite

27 August, 2023

“Following a three-year absence, Lanka Comic Con made a comeback as Lanka Comic Con Lite at the Women’s International Club, Colombo recently.

The venue buzzed with the vibrant energy of children, teenagers, young adults, and adults all decked out as their beloved characters, engrossed in passionate conversations about comics, tabletop games, and reveling in their shared geekdom.

This revival of Lanka Comic Con Lite was nothing short of spectacular, offering a cornucopia of delightful activities. Attendees reveled in a treasure trove of Geek Merchandise, dived deep into the realms of Anime and Manga, explored a diverse world of comics, encompassing both the independent scene and the hallowed halls of Marvel and DC.

Panels hosted an eclectic mix of local and international experts, while locally produced games, books, and films showcased Sri Lanka’s creative prowess. The tabletop gaming sessions ignited strategic battles, and a mesmerizing cosplay show brought characters to life. In a first for Sri Lanka, the event even featured a thrilling Zombie Walk, adding a thrilling twist to the occasion.

Non-profit ethos

While this year’s Comic Con may not have reached the grandiose scale of its previous iterations, Lanka Comic Con remained committed to its non-profit ethos. It refrained from burdening attendees and ticket holders with exorbitant costs to offset its expenses. Recognizing the economic challenges facing Sri Lanka, the Comic Con team adopted a sustainable approach.

Speaking about the strategy behind Comic Con Lite, Thilani Samarasinha, the President of Lanka Comic Con, explained that this year was a trial run to assess the situation. “2019 was the last time we did it. We were very nervous about the state of the economy going into it this year,” she said.

Small business incubator

“We have to make sure we preserve the authenticity of Comic Con. I mean, at the end of the day, it is a geek event. We also have to ensure the vendors are highly curated. We cannot let just anyone in; it has to be pop culture-related. These vendors come to make money, and as we are a small business incubator, we want to help them. However, I have to say the turnout was fantastic, and we did not expect it. I guess people have missed Comic Con.”

When asked if we can expect to see Lanka Comic Con return to its former glory, Samarasinha said, “Of course, now that we see that people are excited to come for Comic Con, we will continue to do it. Maybe next year, we will attempt a two-day extravaganza.”

The event was graced by numerous awe-inspiring cosplays, including the likes of “the chainsaw man,” Barbie and Ken, the Dark Knight and Catwoman, and characters from beloved animes, mangas, comics, and movies.

However, the standout moment for many was the “sarong squad,” featuring Thanos, Darth Vader, and Deadpool, adding a delightful twist to the cosplay parade.” 

Pix: Anjana Nishal Dharmasiri