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Like a mist, like a dream

20 August, 2023

“So many things I had thought forgotten
Return to my mind with stranger pain:
Like letters that arrive addressed to someone
Who left the house so many years ago.”
Philip Larkin - Why Did I Dream of You Last Night?

Like a mist
Like a dream
You came and went out of my life
All of a sudden
Without a trace
Without even a hint of a trace

No matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t hold you in my life
Any more than I could hold the moonlight
Or a caressing breeze
In my life.

All our love
All the sweet nothings we whispered
In each other’s ear
All the tender strokes, hugs, and kisses
We lavished on each other
All dreams we dreamt together
Are now diminished to a thin haze of memories
Hurting and pleasing at the same time.

Now I feel like a phantom ship
Still afloat but not sailing
In the stormy sea of life.