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Unveiling passion and harmony

Jizzy and Malindi set to ignite music scene

27 August, 2023

Q: Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?

Malindi: I’m Malindi Nanayakkara, aged 23. I am from Ratnapura, where I studied at Ferguson High School. While my childhood and early teens weren’t focused on music or the arts, my passion took flight around 16. Since then, I’ve been immersed in the world of music, and it’s been an incredible journey ever since.

Jizzy: I’m Jizzy, a DJ and Producer hailing from the vibrant shores of Sri Lanka. I’ve had the privilege of crafting hit records with esteemed Sri Lankan artists like DIMI3 and DJ MASS, among others. Last year, I embarked on an amazing tour of Singapore. Also, I’m the proud owner of “Sri Nation,” the largest EDM show and Record Label in Sri Lanka.

Q:  Was music a childhood passion of yours? What influenced you to take the path of music?

Malindi: Actually, my childhood passion leaned towards technology. However, it was a well-known band that shifted my focus to music. Back in 2016, I accidentally downloaded one of their songs, and that single track ignited my musical journey. It’s quite astonishing how a single song could change my life. Looking back, I’m genuinely grateful for that serendipitous moment.

Jizzy: Absolutely! The enchanting world of music captured my heart during my school days. I was in grade 9 when I began my musical exploration. Icons of Sri Lankan pop music and the mesmerizing EDM scene icons fueled my artistic fire. Their emotional compositions sparked my creativity, inspiring me to carve my unique musical journey. With an innate musical talent since childhood, the path to music was inevitable. Hours of dedicated practice became my joy, serving as a source of solace during both joyful and trying times. Music isn’t just a passion; it’s my life’s essence, guiding me through every step.

Q:  How did you contact Jizzy? Describe his support towards your journey.

Malindi: Jizzy and I connected through social media. He was searching for an English lyricist, and as one, I reached out. We discussed our musical aspirations and goals. He later proposed collaborating on a song. Since then, he’s been like an older brother, offering unwavering support at every turn.

Q:  Could you share the journey of your musical career so far?

Jizzy: My musical expedition set sail back in grade 9. In 2017, I launched my very own record label. I’ve graced the stages of numerous Sri Lankan music festivals and even embarked on a musical voyage to Singapore.. Collaborations with artists like DIMI3, DJ MASS, Upeka Nirmani, Kochchi, Mechanic, Madhara Hettiarachchi, and the talent behind “Malindi Nanayakkara” transformed into chart-topping hits, accompanied by profound connections. Through highs and lows, this journey has been a kind of a self-discovery, and artistic expression.

Malindi: I began my journey in 2016 at the age of 16. Initially, music was unfamiliar territory for me, despite being skilled in writing in both English and Sinhala. I had to learn about music from scratch. Surprisingly, in a short span, I progressed to become a songwriter, guitarist, and melody composer. I also enrolled at the Music Oven Institute to study studio production, including mixing and mastering. My main hurdle has been achieving a breakthrough. However, at present, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by individuals who can steer me in the right direction toward my goals.

Q:  What is the significance of this song?

Malindi: The song’s called “Oba Vitharai.” It’s from a real experience of mine. About a year and a half back, I was in a relationship. Life was really tough for me then.

I was really down, sad, and tired of life. I told him that he was the only thing keeping me going. But then he chose to leave, right at that moment. That’s what the song’s about. But you know what? It turned out okay. His choice led me to meet wonderful people I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Jizzy: This latest musical creation holds a special place in my heart. It marks my debut as a vocalist and also as a collaborator with Sri Nation. The song encapsulates a remarkable memory in my life, one I’ll cherish forever.

Q:  Were there any inspirations impacted for this song?

Malindi: As I said earlier, it was based on one of my personal experiences. When I listened to the track for the first time, all those memories came right back.

Q:  Is this song a part of an album to be released soon?

Jizzy: No, this is a standalone single.

Q:  As young artists, what’s your take on Sri Lanka’s contemporary music industry? How do you envision enhancing its status through the talents of youth?

Jizzy: The contemporary Sri Lankan music scene is thriving, filled with potential. Yet, there’s ample room for growth. Youthful talents hold the key to evolution, injecting fresh perspectives and innovation. Collaboration platforms, mentorship programs, and increased exposure could be avenues to uplift the industry. Together, we can redefine the musical landscape.

Malindi: We should raise industry standards. Sri Lanka’s music scene isn’t quite an industry yet, more like a field. In contrast, India has a full-fledged industry, which should be our goal too. There’s an abundance of incredible talent waiting to flourish.

Q:  What are your suggestions to improve this field?

Malindi: For growth, we need strong standards in place. A key tip is to surround yourself with the right people. This applies not just to artists, but all young individuals. Additionally, persist in your endeavors until you reach your goal. This lifelong dedication provides a sense of purpose.

Q:  Could you share your future aspirations in this field?

Jizzy: My vision is to become a true musical icon within Sri Lanka. Beyond that, my dream is to contribute to the standardization of our music industry through continuous innovation and collaboration.

Malindi: I want to be a famous artist in Sri Lanka and leave a lasting impact on the music scene.