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A new era for education the study app

20 August, 2023

An app that is bound to revolutionize learning, Study Buddy, was launched at the Lotus Tower recently.

Attendees entered a world where learning becomes an adventure. Sidesh Mallawarachchi, CEO of Techsas International (Pvt) Ltd, introduced the app and its vision of accessible, engaging, and transformative education. The guests witnessed the amalgamation of technology and learning, leaving them inspired for Sri Lanka’s educational future.

In a rapidly evolving educational landscape, the app emerges as a pioneering solution that bridges the gap between traditional learning and the digital era. Crafted with innovation and inclusivity as core principles, Study Buddy aims to revolutionize students’ educational engagement.

Study Buddy transcends being a mere app; it’s a comprehensive digital educational platform that brings learning to life. Developed by Techsas International, this platform is meticulously tailored to modern learners’ needs. From interactive lessons to game-inspired challenges, it delivers an engaging learning experience, catering to diverse learning styles. Its accessibility, online and offline, ensures that learning has no boundaries.

Study Buddy provides expertly curated Lessons with a curriculum that aligns with the national syllabus for Grades 6 to 11. The lessons are conducted by experienced teachers in Sri Lanka, ensuring top-quality education for students.

It provides interactive Learning Rooms, curated question-and-answer section: Setting Study Buddy apart is its question-and-answer segment in each lesson. This feature empowers students to learn from their errors, enhancing their understanding and confidence.

concise 30-minute lessons: Recognizing children’s attention span, lessons are thoughtfully designed to be 30 minutes long, ensuring optimal engagement and efficient learning.

Study Buddy provides students an opportunity to learn through games. The Study Buddy team believes that Gamification adds an element of entertainment to learning. Correct answers earn students gold coins, transforming learning into an exciting journey where rewards fuel progress.

Study Buddy goes beyond textbooks, incorporating a general knowledge section to broaden horizons. Challenge games enable friendly competition, enhancing the learning experience. A parental dashboard ensures parents can track their child’s engagement and progress, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.