Friendship | Sunday Observer


13 August, 2023

I may not be blessed
With all of the things in life
But one of the best blessings
I have received
Is the blessing of friendship
Friends like you make my day
They are like a ray of light
Which sparks bright in darkness
Because of you
I laugh a little
And forget all my miseries
You’re the only one who was
always there for me
Who advised me
Who guided me
I know we lost contact
Even though we are apart,
You’ll always be my best buddy,
Who used to irritate me
all the time
And listened to whatever, I said
I wish we could meet again
Having crazy friends like you
Is a gift
Friends like you
Who keeps irritating me
With stupid questions
And your weird behaviour
And I am blessed to have
Weird friends like you,
Thank you
To a friend
Who supports me all the time
Who handles me
And you’re one of a kind
And I will always love you guys
Real friends support you
Make fun of you
Irritate you
Support you in times of need
They are real friends

Hikma Manajir
Grade 11-B
Springfield College