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The Esala full moon Poya day

30 July, 2023

In July, the global community of Buddhists celebrate the Esala full moon Poya day. It is one of the most important days of the year for Buddhists.

This day has many significant events in the history of the Gauthama Buddha’s Sasana.

Prince Siddhartha was conceived by Queen Mahamaya on this Poya day and Princess Yashodhara gave birth to Prince Rahula also on an Esala Poya day.

On the same day Prince Siddhartha gave up his luxurious life to seek the truth to end suffering, after seeing the Sathara Peranimithi. Prince Siddhartha leaving the palace with Minister Channa and his horse Kanthaka to find the truth to end suffering is called the Great Renunciation.

The first sermon was preached by the Buddha to the five ascetics on an Esala Poya day. The sermon was called the Dhamma Chakkappawattana Sutta.

Gauthama Buddha visited the Tauvthisa Dev Lova on Esala Poya day. The Buddha preached the Abhidhamma for the first time to the Maathru Divya Rajaya and other Gods. The Maathru Divya Rajaya is believed to be Queen Mahamaya in that previous birth.

Esala Poya also marks the start of the Vas Kaalaya and this Poya is also significant to Sri Lankan Buddhists, because, it is on that day, the Princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha brought the Sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha to Sri Lanka.

It was on an Esala Poya day that the laying of the foundation for the Ruwanvelisaya by King Dutugemunu took place.

Buddhists in Sri Lanka, mark the Esala full moon Poya day every year by engaging in many religious activities.


Mihi Deegodage

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