Indonesian Ferry capsizes: 15 Dead and 19 Missing | Sunday Observer

Indonesian Ferry capsizes: 15 Dead and 19 Missing

24 July, 2023

In a devastating incident on Monday, a ferry carrying 40 passengers sank off the coast of Sulawesi island. According to the Indonesian search and rescue agency, at least 15 people lost their lives, and 19 others are still unaccounted for as reported by international media.

The ill-fated ferry sank around midnight, leaving authorities scrambling to respond to the emergency. So far, the exact cause of the accident remains unclear as rescue operations are underway.

As of now, they have managed to rescue six individuals from the wreckage. The survivors were promptly rushed to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention.

It is also reported that Ferry accidents are not uncommon in Indonesia, a country comprising thousands of islands and heavily reliant on sea transport. Incidents like this highlight the need for rigorous safety measures and monitoring to prevent such tragedies in the future.