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Fragmented: Exploring the depths of human experience

2 July, 2023

Exploring the delicate interplay between drawing and the human experience, artist Thabendran Krishnapriya unveiled her captivating exhibition, ‘Fragmented,’ at the Barefoot Gallery recently.

In this collection, Krishnapriya delves into the realm of the human condition, crafting narrative vignettes that exude allure and mystery. Drawing inspiration from nature and its microscopic elements, her work transcends reality, inviting viewers into a parallel universe that challenges conventional perceptions of life itself.

Speaking to the Youth Observer, Krishnapriya explained her inspiration behind her latest collection of ‘Fragmented’, she said; “During my time pursuing my Masters at BNU, I embarked on a series of experiments that involved working with a microscope as a scientific tool to create my artwork. The unique approach allowed me to explore the fascinating realm of micro-drawings. By observing my drawings through the lens of a microscope, I gained a new and extraordinary visual experience.

Thabendran Krishnapriya

“The microscope provided insights into the intricacies of colour and enabled me to delve into the minute details of my work. It sparked an idea of how we can perceive and appreciate micro drawings with the naked eye, bringing this captivating world into clear focus,” she said.

Through her drawings, Krishnapriya embraces openness and experimentation, utilizing the immediacy of mark-making to foster a unique form of visual thinking. Each stroke reveals the thought process behind the creation, offering insights into the artist’s profound connection with the ever-evolving world.

The animated drawings within the exhibition further exemplify Krishnapriya’s exploratory spirit, documenting the passage of time and inviting viewers on a captivating journey through narratives that unfold in still works. Through her artistic language derived from the unknown, Krishnapriya masterfully presents a personal aesthetic idiom that resonates with profound creativity and introspection.

‘Fragmented’ is an invitation to delve into the depths of the human experience and explore the untamed territories of the inner world, where corporeal boundaries cease to exist.

Artistic process

‘Fragmented’ becomes a repository of memories, frozen in time and space, as the drawings capture fragments of past experiences while simultaneously igniting the imagination. By relinquishing the dominance of perception, Krishnapriya’s drawings evoke the realms of memory and imagination, becoming a powerful language that transcends mere appearance. With each stroke, desire and loss are reenacted, blurring the line between trace and idea.

Krishnapriya views art as an autobiography, drawing inspiration from her childhood memories and personal experiences. ‘Fragmented’ is her second solo exhibition in Colombo and holds significant meaning for her.

Her first exhibition ‘Membrane show’ was at the Saskia Fernando Gallery in 2018. Her artistic journey took an introspective turn as she pursued her Masters, delving into her personal narrative and exploring her relationship with her mother.

Krishnapriya’s longing for her mother, whom she had missed since her birth due to the Indian Army riot in Jaffna in 1987, shaped her artistic expression. Growing up under the care of her grandmother, she yearned for the love and presence of her mother.

This desire led her to reflect on her mother’s existence within the womb, pondering on her character and essence during that time. To fulfill this longing and find solace, she began creating her own cells, tissues, and membranes using dots and lines, symbolizing a connection to her lost mother and seeking a sense of happiness.

Desire to be an artist

Krishnapriya’s desire to become an artist stem from a profound need to find fulfillment and satisfaction amidst the experiences she has encountered in life. Her artistic journey started in childhood, where she discovered the power of drawing as a means to convey deeply personal messages. This exploration of self and personal history continues to drive her artistic practice.

Having witnessed the impact of war and personal loss from an early age, she has embarked on a journey to seek happiness and meaning through her artistic expression. The dots and lines in her artworks serve as guiding forces, providing her with direction and purpose as she navigates the complexities of her existence. Through her art, she delves into the depths of her emotions, searching for solace and a sense of fulfillment that transcends the challenges she has faced.

“My future goals revolve around working with children, university students, fellow artists, and individuals interested in exploring the realm of creativity. I aspire to provide guidance to the younger generation, introducing them to contemporary art and helping them discover their own artistic abilities and ideas. It is essential for them to understand the power of art in conveying messages to society. I also engage in personal research for my own artistic endeavours, collaborating with writers, poets, and international researchers. Artmaking, for me, involves constant exploration and drawing inspiration from multiple sources. In the future, I envision setting up an art school that encourages self-directed learning and creativity, free from traditional syllabus and curriculum. I hope this vision will come to life one day,” she said.

‘Fragmented’ by Thabendran Krishnapriya is now open to the public at the Barefoot Gallery until July 23.