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Youth, the bearers of society’s development

5 February, 2023

The young population of a country is said to be the central emissaries and the bearers of the inventive and innovative potential for the development of society; it is also considered as the most significant strategic resource in the development of any country that has got the knack of replenishing the productive forces in the society.

No hyperbole remains in declaring the fact that young people have often got a willingness to change and adapt; these characteristics pave the way for a need to single out a specific and special cohort which is certainly nothing but the youth entrepreneurship.

The young folks are the pillar, cornerstone and the backbone of a society. They are also noticed as promising dreamers who have got a remarkable potential that could be transformed into palpable accomplishments. Inspiring them with constructive motivation is able to extend hope and could cast light upon their future outlook towards the world.

Nonetheless, a considerable number of young people are susceptible to get demotivated during these days owing to mental pressures that are directly related to personal, academic and societal issues. Younger folks may simply be enmeshed with fear and fright that may have a huge negative impact on their future endeavours.

This particular situation could also be considered as one of the central reasons, affecting the youth not being sometimes daring and heroic enough in order to take up with novel ventures. It is required to understand that motivation is a tool that serves as a form of universal force for anyone’s self-realization; it is also simultaneously considered as one of the most required and indispensable factors that assists an individual to maintain a successful life.

Motivation is also regarded as one of the key elements for enkindling one’s self-determination and self-belief. Making the young people edible, able and capable of identifying the failures as a matter of life lesson rather than a setback, hitch and complication is exceedingly significant. Life itself is energetic, vibrant, faces constant changes and relies on its eccentricity and volatility.

Admitting failure

Accepting and admitting failure as one of the ways for change and success could give the courage for the young people to learn through their own mistakes, committed and eventually stand on their own feet. Unemployment torments and besets the growth of any country. Crisis situations that erupt owing to the lack of inspiration, ambition, motivation, poorly or wrongly selected careers, insufficient salaries, disinterested jobs, family pressures and etc, are the most predominantly noticed difficulties, encountered by a considerable number of unemployed youths.

In the present-day world context, many young adults are not willing to put in the level of hard work it takes to succeed in life. It is also remarked that currently, more and more teenagers and young adults who have got an incredible potential with them are said to be performing proportionately low in order to tap into their skills, capabilities, abilities and talents.

Rather than merely being tenacious to their zeal and desire, a section of young people may hardly make an attempt to bring out their true and actual potential without motivation and the inspiration of self-belief. It is also said that as young adults are not motivated, they might get trapped in a maze of pessimistic, low self-esteem and lack of hope and expectations that drives them into more and more hopelessness and dissatisfaction which eventually obstruct their path to success. In that light, youngsters who are not motivated may even plunge into a life of misery, insensitivity, lethargy and aloofness.

The scientific community is of the view that young people are need to be motivated to have and sustain higher aspirations, expectations and ambitions. It is popularly known that ambitions thrive on the surface of motivation.

Most importantly, ambition is a significant element among some people who do not entertain any disruptions along their path of repeatedly evolving plans of actions and yet it could be established and inculcated in anybody who has a huge interest in becoming successful in the endeavours of their selected fields.

It is also noted that it is rather difficult to motivate and inspire the young people who do not distinguish the interrelationship and the connection between what they learn and what they enjoy doing. Motivation is able to be insinuated in diverse reactions and impressions, from tete-a-tete on the aspects of their desires, interests, talents and skills, as to what is possible to be achieved as well as towards the introduction of activities that are able to nurture their raw abilities.


The mentors in the lives of young people, notably the parents and the teachers, are often able to assist them with a good sense of motivation while encouraging them to follow and embrace opportunities and understand the alternative paths which could be selected in line with their different interests, choices and skills.

It is widely believed that a considerable number of teenagers and young adults are not relatively keen on perceiving education as relevant till a new goal is set in their mind. Giving an opportunity to young people to challenge, set and acquire what is dreamed by them helps to build their self-esteem and worth, which can also similarly distinguish as to how education becomes a way that drives their dreams into an achievable reality.

Even in a trifling and trivial manner, motivation and ambition among young people could be triggered and invigorated. Either merely letting them watching an inclining and exhilarating TV programme or echoing and enunciating on what they enjoy and as to how they are deemed to accomplish their dreams and etc., is even able to set their thoughts towards the right direction with some direct focus being given on the matter in hand.

Giving an opportunity for the youth to speak and declare their thoughts, restored at bay and finding time to listen to them about their interests in whom they want to become as well as, as to what they are in need of achieving are undoubtedly able to give the required bit of stimulation that can arouse their self-esteem and self-belief.

Self-esteem is a marvellous tool that allows someone to keep going as and when the going gets a bit rough and tough, or else to divert into another destination while maintaining the original interest and enthusiasm. Belatedly, it is nothing but having a direct and constant focus, commitment, dedication, endurance, patience and keeping the original significance of the ambition intact in order to reach at the pinnacle. People who are armed with self-belief and motivation are predominantly able to disregard and condone nix, elimination and dismissal as they are self-assured, optimistic and sanguine enough to still believe in the fact that they have got something constructive and invaluable to offer for the benefit of the outer world. Under such circumstances, motivation could be promoted as a form of a powerful weapon among young people as and when they are provided with a window of opportunities to reach their actual potential.


The majority of the young are not frequently informed or aware of each and every opportunity available for them. Therefore, it is certainly the responsibility of a parent, teacher, guardian or mentor to give them guidance to walk along the correct path that may bring about reliable and positive experiences. Meanwhile, deliberately compelling and impelling the children to pursue something in which they have no interest and enthusiasm is barely productive since there would often be less to zero motivation in them in achieving excellence and prominence in a field in which they report a huge disinterest.

Extracurricular activities in the calibre of sports, drama, music or anything that gives them pleasure and leisure are able to motivate a youngster as well as hierarchize and systematize their overall development. As an act of encouragement, you are able to provide guidance with the youth by realising their potential and making suggestions on activities that they might give a try on. Everyone has got their own natural strength that is unique to themselves that could also prosper as and when they are duly, systematically and intelligently directed towards the right path.