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“Mindful or mind-full?’

A holistic approach to well-being

10 September, 2023
The panellists with the audience
The panellists with the audience

Mind full or Mindful?– a panel discussion exploring the profound dimensions of mindfulness and its potential to shape and enrich our lives was held at One Galle Face, Colombo, recently, organised by the Rotary Club of Battaramulla. The event brought together a distinguished panel of experts and thought leaders to delve into the various facets of this ancient practice.

Highlighting the growing importance of mindfulness in today’s fast-paced world, the panel discussion was moderated by Archana Law, CEO of Brand Partners Consulting and a Transformation Coach who teaches Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Holistic Healing. The panellists were Santosh Menon, Chairman and CEO of FCBk.lk; Pankaj Sinha, Managing Director Coca Cola and General Manager Sri Lanka and Maldives, and Dr. Sulochana Segera, Founder Chairperson Women in Management Sri Lanka, Maldives, UAE and Canada. The discussion brought up an array of perspectives, from scientific insights to personal experiences, providing attendees with a holistic understanding of mindfulness with practical takeaways.

Pankaj Sinha said that modern management practices often inadvertently encourage mindless actions. He said that finding diverse approaches to achieve a common goal is essential. Sinha advised corporate leaders to focus on the present moment, encouraging employees to immerse themselves in their tasks and derive enjoyment from them.

Fixation on numbers

He cautioned against excessive fixation on numbers, as it can be detrimental to employee well-being. He asked attendees to view work as a form of worship and not allow it to become a mere obligation.

Sinha also touched on the importance of disconnecting from the constant demands of social media and reliving happy moments.

Santosh Menon highlighted the detrimental impact of the “What If” mindset, which breeds anxiety and hampers well-being. He suggested seeking help, such as through reading, to overcome such anxieties.

Menon advocated for focusing on the present moment, harnessing the power of “Now,” and not letting intrusive thoughts control one’s mind. He reminded the audience that an excessive fixation on the future can rob them of the joys of the present.

Dr. Sulochana Segera shared her journey as a single mother and a successful businesswoman, challenging stereotypes and taking bold risks. She underscored that happiness is the hallmark of success and that mindfulness involves showing compassion to oneself.

“Reformatting” lives

Dr. Segera questioned societal notions that place expiration dates on women’s lives and encouraged persons to focus on the positive aspects of their experiences, effectively “reformatting” their lives.

As mentioned by the President of the Rotary Club of Battaramulla, Sumit Law - “Rotary International stands as a steadfast symbol of unwavering commitment to community service. Rotary in Sri Lanka is no different. Our pursuit of service excellence is a testament to the power of collective action.”

“In our world – service isn’t just a task – but a way of life. Just as Mindfulness calls us to fully engage with our thoughts and surroundings, Rotary encourages its members to be fully engaged in service. The act of service, however, when approached mindfully – transcends mere action.

The “Mindful or Mind-Full” event resonated deeply with the attendees, offering a fresh perspective on achieving a balanced and purpose-driven life. The speakers’ insights encouraged attendees to embrace mindfulness, focus on the present moment, and celebrate their accomplishments and joys, ultimately inspiring a holistic approach to well-being.