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Countdown for the Gustav Mahler Orchestra’s season opening concert

7 May, 2023

Music enthusiasts are in for a treat as the Gustav Mahler Orchestra of Colombo prepares to perform two iconic classical masterpieces - Antonin Dvořák’s “New World Symphony” and Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Russian Easter Festival” - at their upcoming 2023/24 Season Opening Concert.

The concert will be held on Friday, May 12, 2023, at 7.30 pm at the Lionel Wendt Theatre, Colombo, and will be a memorable evening of music. The orchestra’s Music Director and Chief Conductor, Srimal Weerasinghe, will lead the ensemble.

The concert will open with the main event of the night, Dvořák’s powerful Symphony No. 9 in E minor “From the New World.” This symphony is one of Dvořák’s most popular works and is known for its use of folk melodies from African American and Native American cultures. It’s a tribute to the composer’s love for the United States of America, which he visited for the first time in 1892.

The symphony is a masterful blend of sweeping melodies, lively rhythms, and lush harmonies that capture the essence of the American spirit. The symphony’s famous opening melody of the second movement, played by the English Horn, is instantly recognisable and has become one of the most beloved themes in all of classical music. The orchestra’s performance of this piece is sure to be a highlight, as Weerasinghe brings his unmatched, insightful interpretation to this timeless work.   

Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Russian Easter Festival” is a celebration of springtime and the renewal of life. The piece is known for its vibrant orchestration, which features a wide range of instruments and colours. From the energetic brass fanfares to the delicate string passages, this music is sure to capture the audience’s imagination and transport them to a world of joy and beauty.

Tickets for the concert are through online reservations or in person at the Lionel Wendt Theatre Box Office.