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George Ovashvili in Retrospective at 22nd Dhaka International Film Festival

20 August, 2023

The ‘22nd Dhaka International Film Festival’(DIFF) will be held in Dhaka from January 20 to 28, 2024. The general theme of the festival is ‘Better Film, Better Audience and Better Society’. The festival has been organised on a regular basis by Rainbow Film Society, which has been dedicated to the promotion of a healthy cine culture in Bangladesh and in celebrating the global mainstream in film and its social relevance since 1977.

George Ovashvili

One of the very important segments of the festival is the Retrospective segment. It is for the film enthusiast/s - specifically directors, who are legendary. Those who have, perhaps, left us now, or have stopped working currently, but had given the industry many wholesome films over the decades oryears; Who are mostly our seniors, those we take inspiration from.

Georgian film maker George Ovashvili following films: Beautiful Helen (2023), Khibula (2017), SimindisKundzuli (Corn Island) (2014), The Other Bank (2009) and Eye Level (2004) have been selected for the festival.

George Ovashvili is a Georgian film director, writer, and producer who has gained critical acclaim for his unique vision and style of filmmaking. He has established himself as an auteur filmmaker because of his distinctive storytelling, use of visual storytelling, and his ability to put a personal stamp on his films. Ovashvili’s films are poetic, philosophical and often metaphorical and deal with essential human themes such as human dignity, the relationship between humans and nature and social hierarchies. Two of his most prominent films – “Corn Island” and “The Other Bank” are quintessential examples of his auteurship.

George Ovashvili’s films are powerfully emotional and intellectual meditations on society and the human experience. His films “Corn Island” and “The Other Bank” are two standout examples of his auteurship. Both films showcase Ovashvili’s talent for merging powerful visual storytelling with minimal dialogue, to create poignant and thought-provoking cinematic experiences.

His films are known for their profound emotional resonance and the visual poetry and deep humanism that powers them. George Ovashvili is indeed an auteur film director who has created his distinctive style, giving voice to the emotional depth of the human experience.