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Simple steps to success

12 March, 2023

Success doesn’t mean absence of failures; it means the attainment of ultimate objectives. It means winning the war not every battle. -Edwin C. Bliss

We happen to meet many people who literally wander through life. Some of them simply accept whatever fate brings them. Only a few of them will succeed after going through a lifetime of trials and errors.

This article is not for them. They have neither the determination to succeed nor the willingness to devote some time and effort necessary to achieve their targets.

The simple fact that you are reading this article indicates that you want to live a richer and more fruitful life. However, nobody else can make you successful. We can only give you the tools to achieve success and offer a blueprint to build a successful and rewarding life.

In the face of economic, political and psychological challenges, you may find it difficult to succeed in life. Whenever you fail in your attempts to achieve something desirable, you are likely to end up in failure. Norman Vincent Peale narrates an incident which highlights how failure could be transformed into success.

Many of the world’s finest oriental rugs come from little villages in the Middle East. Each rug is hand-produced by a team of men and children under the direction of a master weaver. Sometimes, they make mistakes absent-mindedly by introducing a particular colour which does not agree with the pattern.

The master weaver, however, does not pull up the worker who committed the mistake. He simply finds a way to incorporate the mistake harmoniously into the overall pattern. This is an object lesson for anyone who wishes to learn the art of making use of a mistake into a new pattern. The story shows an inherent good in most difficulties.

Those who wish to succeed in life should never think of failures. This is because those who walk the road to success always look ahead, not back. For many people, the word failure carries with it a sense of finality. However, if you are a successful person, you will use failure as a springboard to success. Harry Truman’s famous maxim is: “Whenever I make a bum decision I must go out and make another one.”

Learn from mistakes

Most successful people are willing to take risks. William Smithburg, Chairman of Quaker Oats, took responsibility for two mistakes – the acquisition of a video game business he has since closed down and a pet accessory he bought and then wrote off. Later he explained to the workers how to take risks. All of us can learn something from our own mistakes.

If you happen to fail in your attempt to achieve something, there are simple steps to follow. The basic steps are highly effective and time-tested techniques. The first step is to have enough courage and energy to face the new situation. If you fail in an examination, it is no reason for frustration. Instead concentrate on the job and take appropriate action. To do this effectively, you should have loads of energy. When you have a burning desire to achieve something, you will have to put your heart and soul into whatever you are doing.

To preserve energy, split up your working day into small segments of time. You will have to treat each segment as independent units. When you do so, you can handle one job at a time and complete it successfully. This will give you a sense of time and achievement.

When Rex (not his real name) was working in a government department, he was always in a state of anxiety and rage. There were two telephones on his table. They started ringing every now and then. While he was answering the phone, many people were waiting in a queue outside his office. By noon, he was frazzled and overwrought. He became resentful and unfriendly. At the end of the day, he could not finish any job properly.

Get rid of laziness

After attending a counselling session, Rex decided to accomplish his tasks however trivial they may be. He went through the mail and then answered the phone. Later, he delegated the job of answering the phone to one of his subordinates. At the end of the day, he could heave a sigh of relief and return home quite happily.

When you do a routine job, you become somewhat lazy. If you are lazy, you will not be able to do any job properly. Unless you get rid of your laziness, you will not be able to succeed in your tasks. If you feel lazy to do something, try to postpone the laziness until you finish the job. Tell yourself that you can be lazy after doing the job. It is the best way to handle laziness.

Once you develop the capacity for turning yourself on, you can go on to use it for longer periods. I have met many workers who work cheerfully all the time. The secret is that when you are cheerful, you can complete any job easily. Never start the day in an indecisive mood or with a sense of failure. If you do so, you will ruin the whole day.

You should never spend your day locked in mortal combat with your habits and behaviour. Such counter-productive behaviour will not get you anywhere. If you are not a morning person, do not tackle difficult jobs at the beginning of the day.

The best procedure is to attend to routine work first and then handle difficult tasks. The same principle applies when you answer a question paper in an examination. If you try to answer a difficult question at first, you will have no time to deal with easy questions later.

Do your job with a smile

Much of the work in a workplace is routine. You will have to devise a method to enjoy routine work. If you are compelled to sell stamps at a post office counter, do your job with a smile. Treat every customer politely and you will enjoy your work. If you really do not like such a routine job, gather qualifications to find a better job. There are many people who have given up their jobs to begin their dream jobs.

Like laziness, boredom will also sap your energy. In order to fight boredom, try to finish any job entrusted to you accurately. When you keep yourself busy, boredom will vanish.

On the other hand, try to achieve a certain goal every day. When you achieve it you will feel extremely happy. However, do not treat each day as an extension of the previous day. Successful people plan their day ahead for better results. Do what you have to do today itself. Never postpone important tasks for another day.

To succeed in life, you need a powerful memory. If you tend to forget things easily, try to get over that problem. If you are unable to remember what you have to do, prepare a priority list every day. Many successful people are compulsive about written lists. Another trick to improve your memory is to care for things you have to do. Most successful people have phenomenal memories. It is because they are totally committed to their work.

Your present is partially based on the past. Therefore, think of the past and correct your mistakes. If something goes wrong, face up to the consequences. Dare daydream frequently. Daydreams inspire you to proceed towards your goal. They also help you to make constructive decisions.

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