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Was it just a dream?

5 March, 2023

I was reading a book beside a river. I looked up and stared across the plain next to the river.

How peaceful and magnificent it all was. All of a sudden, the shimmering blue water turned a sickening green. Trees sprouted out of the river sucking up all the water. Suddenly, there was a huge forest of trees before my very eyes. I tried to run but was paralysed with fear. I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I felt myself being pulled towards the forest.

I stopped myself looking at the forest which was so beautiful, but now the forest was humid and it was hard to breathe.

Monkeys jumped from tree to tree. Birds flew in the sky. Suddenly, I tripped over something and fell into a ditch. I woke up with a cry. I looked around me, there was nothing but a river and a plain.There was no forest, but there was something odd in the plain; there were many trees and monkeys on them and a giant ditch beside a tree. I stared in shock.

Was it just a dream!

Ryan Martil

Grade 4, St. Joseph’s College

Colombo 10