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My grandmother

30 July, 2023

My grandmother’s name is Vimalavathi. She is 60 years. My grandmother lives in Delgoda. She has five elder brothers and six younger sisters. She has planted rambuttan, mango, orange, banana and durian trees.

My grandmother makes delicious food. She even surprises me by cooking my favourite curries. Every Saturday we go to see her and enjoy her meals too.

Every month we give a huge bag of groceries to her. When she sees Sustegen milk powder, her face lights up. Every Poya day she observes sil. Sometimes, she advises us. She likes to worship the Anuradhapura Solosmasthana.

I love my grandmother very much.


Vinudi Wageesha Pabodi Wickramasinghe

Grade 6-A

Vishaka Balika Vidyalaya