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The Megalodon

23 July, 2023

The Megalodon shark was the king of the sea approximately three million years ago. They belong to the Otodontidae shark family. (Megatoothed sharks). Its length is more than 18 metres. Fish, seals, dolphins and whales are its favourite food. A newly born baby shark is nearly 2m-3m in length and its half of a great white shark; this shark’s growth finishes at 25 years.

Scientists found more fossils in the seas from New Zealand to Netherland. It is thought that the Megolodon sharks became extinct at the end of the first stage of the Pliocene age. (2.6 million years ago). But, there is also evidence that it is not extinct.

Are the Magalodon still alive?

K.G. Vishvi Sisara
Grade 7
St. Michael’s College