Kiwano | Sunday Observer


23 July, 2023

Kiwano is a fruit which has a thick, bright orange outer skin. It is covered in small spiny projections. The inner flesh consists of a gelatinous, lime green or yellow substance which houses a multitude of seeds.

Kiwano is sometimes called ‘blowfish fruit’ as it looks like a blowfish. Due to its high water content, Kiwano is prized in African deserts.

Some varieties of Kiwano have smooth skins and they are known as ‘Boring Kiwano’. In the Northwest USA, Kiwano is found quite readily in local markets, but they are expensive.

The fun facts about kiwanos are that the peel, pulp and seed are edible and it can be stored up to six months after harvesting. 

Aysha Yumna Imthiyas 
Grade 9
Hejaaz International School