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Victor Vijayantha Perera bade adieu to his life’s journey

22 May, 2022

The song with which he emerged as one of the most popular musicians is “Desa Wasa Sitiya.” As a Shehenai player he performed miracles in Sri Lanka’s music industry. No wonder that he is Visharadha Victor Vijayantha Perera who brought about a new change in the music industry.

Born on December 20, 1944 in Weyangoda Victor Vijayantha studied classical music under the guidance of Guru Dewas Somasiri Illesinghe and Lionel Edirisinghe.

The strongest foundation laid by such veterans enabled Victor to continue his higher studies in India. That is how he received an opportunity to study music at Laknam University in India as a Shehenai player.

Armed with skills and a profound knowledge, Victor emerged as a film playback singer with the song “Sade Aloka Dharawa Ma we” for the film” Mamai Rajah”.

Most songs that Victor Vijayantha Perera sang had intrigued our hearts. Speaking of his contribution as a music director, “Desa Wasa Sitiya” that anyone tends to hum still echoes in our hearts like an everlasting tune.

At present, the song Desa Wasa Sitya is being sung by his daughter Visharadha Kushani Sandarekha. In addition to Desa Wasa Sitiya , songs such as “Sihina Gena Kumariye”, “Sinasenna Rattaran”, “Obata Rahasak Kiyannam” , “Rana Hansi”, “Jeewan Malli”, “Ma Keewa Gee Oba Nisa” and “Sade Aloka Dhara” had thrilled many generations for decades.

Not only as a music director but also as a film playback singer, Vishararha Victor Vijayantha had built a unique identity. The film songs that Victor sang with Lata Walpola, Maya Damayanthi, Angeline Gunathilake, Kumari Munasinghe and Sujatha Aththanayake will testify the brilliance in his performance.

Needless to say that the creative spirit with which Visharadha Victor Vijayantha was born remains unrivalled.

Most popular films embellished by his songs are worth-watching even in this digital era.

Significantly, being a self-motivated musician, Victor has rendered an invaluable service for the betterment of our music industry by working with many veterans such as Dr. Premasiri Khemadasa, Sarath de Alwis, Sarath Dassanayake, H. M Jayawardena, Rohana Weerasinghe, Dr. Ajantha Ranasinghe, Premakeerthi de Alwis and many other musicians.

Surprisingly, considering his commendable service on behalf of the country’s music industry Victor Vijayantha Perera was honoured with titles Visharadha, Kala Bhushana and Deshamanna.

Visharasha Victor Vijayantha together with H. R Jothipala, Nuwan Gunawardana, Gratien Ananda, Anura Senanayake, Freddie Silva and M.S Fernando embarked on a long musical journey. It is significant to mention that we can never underestimate Victor Vijayantha’s dedication for both R. Muththusami’s and Lionel Edirisinghe’s music groups as a Tabla player and Shehenai player.

Shehenai player

Visharadha Victor Vijayantha Perera had garnered reputation by becoming the first Shehenai player for the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporarion.

Apart from that, Victor, as a Shehenai player had contributed to several musical creations which had stolen our hearts.

For example, “Kada Suriduni Obe by Clarence”, “Sri Sambudhdha Raja Wadim by Sujatha Aththanayake” and “Nada Salabha” by Malini Bulathsinghala.

No wonder that no one has been able to go beyond What Victor has done for the music industry.

It is because Victor Vijayantha belongs to the calibre of multi skilled musicians. Being the dearest father of his four children, Kushani Sandarekha, Sachini Nirasha Perera, Uppalawarna Perera and Deepthi Purnima Perera and a lovable husband to Visharadha Maya Damayanthi, Victor Vijayantha had sweetened the music industry with dedication.

But sadly, he who thrilled audiences for decades bade adieu to his life journey on May 9, 2022 in Canada at the age of 77. No doubt that his legacy would live on forever in our hearts.