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A must-see visual art exhibition ‘Carnival’

13 March, 2022

Transcending boundaries, Sri Lankan young talents have made gargantuan efforts to rekindle the country’s visual art. No doubt that the visual art exhibition titled ‘ Carnival’ will be a must-see event for all art lovers. The visual art exhibition which will be unveiled on March 18 at 5.00 pm at the Lionel Wendt Art Gallery will run from March 19, 20 from 10.00 am to 6.00pm.

The exhibition will be organised by the Art Eon group under the theme of the ‘ Carnival’. The Art Eon Group was set up by eight talented artists such as Dananjaya Rathnayake, Indrachapa Ruhunage, Kasun Indikatihewage, K. K. Teran Indika , Lasantha Epasinghe , Harshana Kumarasiri, Mahesh Jayawardane and Isuru Chaminda who are the products of the university of Visual and Performing Art.

‘Carnival ‘

Carnival is not strange to our lives because it is already in our blood. We are naturally attracted to events which can delight our hearts. Significantly, the carnival which has been rooted as a cultural item in the country has already undergone many transformations due to various circumstances.

The relationship between carnivals and Sri Lankans is longstanding and inseparable. To my question about the theme ‘ Carnival ‘, the art director Dananjaya Rathnayake said, “We all express a growing interest in carnivals in which we can enjoy singing songs and tasting mouthwatering food. Even the word carnival reminds us of an amazing moment where you can enjoy food and songs with much joy. However, questions can arise as to whether there will be an audience for visual art in the country. That is why we used the word ‘ Carnival’ for this exhibition with the intention of awakening people’s love for visual art.”

Moreover, as said by Dananjaya , the global capitalism has affected our lives and society. There have emerged new lifestyles and needs in this society. People began to embrace new lifestyles but the spirit of human and social relationship has faded away. The cyber space which intruded our simple lifestyle came to be known as our oasis where we continue our human relations.

In such a backdrop, it is hard to expect that people will begin to re-think of visual art because their spiritual emptiness can affect their own mindsets. Therefore, the most appropriate title is ‘ Carnival’ which can attract our hearts. No doubt those visitors can get an amazing experience. Highly talented artists such as Isuru Chaminda, Mahesh Jayawardane, Harshana Kumarasiri, Lasantha Epasinghe, K.K Teran Indika, Kasun Indikatihewage, Indrachapa Ruhunage and Dunanjaya Rathnayake have made a great effort to restore the former glory of our visual art.


The event will feature various artworks such as paintings, sculptures, installation art and interactive art created by eight artists. Speaking of Isuru Chaminda’s artwork, we can say that the artist Chaminda is attempting to express his views on the virtual human relations. In this modern society our human relations became weak and less important. We are hooked on phone and TV screens. As a result, we are forced into virtual human relations in lieu of face to face real human relations. Chaminda’s artwork will enlighten us on the conflict between real and virtual human bonds.

The artwork titled ‘ Fancy ‘ by Mahesh Jayawardane will depict that soulless humans are being decorated with colours and that later humans might find love, sexuality and freedom like fossils in the living society.

The artwork titled ‘Wonderful Polythene’ by Harshana Kumarasiri conveys his excitement about the bond between humans and polythene. The artist had focused on the fact that polythene possesses the quality of transparency, simplicity and multi-usability.

Moreover, Lasantha Epasinghe’s artwork titled ‘Antagonism’ will reveal that our society has been plagued by political, social and economic conflicts.

If we scratch only the surface of these issues, we will never find the reality of the prevailing situation because the flames of burning issues have been hidden.’ Fragile’ is another artwork by K.T. Teran Indika.

The artwork titled “Fragile” expresses that there can be found more consumers than artists in the country. Consumers’ purpose is to keep their goods protected and safe.

However, they have been addicted to TV screens and mobile screens for their entertainment purposes but forgot to strengthen the human relations. K. T. Teran Indika expresses his views on this imbalance through his creation. ‘Intoxication’ is Dananjaya Rathnayake’s artwork. Speaking of ‘Intoxication’, the artist Dananjaya expresses that visual advertising can create a consumer society in which the selling and buying of goods and services plays a vital role in the country.

“If you buy bread, you will try to buy a burger tomorrow. That is how visual advertising has encouraged us to go for new food items. What is shown on the TV screens is not poisonous. But those graphics and illustrations which create unwanted needs in our minds can be poisonous” Dananjaya said. Indeed, the visual art exhibition ‘Carnival” which is not another ordinary art exhibition will be an eye-opener for all.