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Lankan Link for Sri Lankans

13 February, 2022

In the cyber space you will find no boundaries. For those oozing with talents and skills, this interminable cyber world would be a fertile ground because you can set out on an unstoppable journey.

Already, Sajana Palanagama has cut a crystal clear path, paving the way for our talents. You would find more digital platforms which accommodate your creations, but you might find them not affordable. Sajana together with his friends Sunny Wijewardana and Chandima Jayanetti has created a new digital platform which is freely available for all. As noted by Sajana Palangama, this is an Australia based digital platform. At present, different creations such as teledramas, films and documentaries have been made available on this newly launched platform. For instance, “Dollar” which discusses hardships and difficulties faced by Sri Lankan students in Australia. “Port city Aththa Neththa” is a political program which gives a better understanding about the economic benefits of the port city. “Tiger” is a movie based on stories related to the underworld. It would be correct to say that “Lanka Link” is an exceptional digital platform which protects your creations. In an interview with the Sunday Observer” he discussed the significance of the new digital arena.

Who is Sajana?

Born with his father’s creative spirit, Sajana had his education at Royal College Colombo. His father Kalasoori P. V. Nandasiri is a veteran musician. Having completed his A/L’s, Sajana left for Australia to broaden his knowledge in IT. “After the A/L’s I went to Australia and studied IT as a subject. So, I decided to do something with the knowledge that I gained in Australia and that is how we created this platform for our content creators” Sajana said.

There is no question that our well skilled youth can make history by breaking the status quo. Sajana has a knack for contributing new things to the country. Significantly, Sajana ensures the transparency and safety of artistes’ creations by abiding by the rules and regulations to the letter.

Therefore, there are no loopholes for copyright violation. That is why veteran artistes and veteran film producers such as Tissa Nagodavithana’s son Haren Nagodavithana have joined hands with Sajana.

“The Lanka Link” has been designed in such a way that no one can either download or copy creations available on the digital platform.

Lanka Link

Those interested in Lanka Link can get the access via this web address

You will find it convenient to choose your favourite category. The most important fact is that it is freely available for all users. Teledramas, films and documentaries like “Dollar”, “Tiger”, and “Port City Aththa Neththa” will be more interesting for you all. The significant fact is that users can get the access to the platform for free.

As said by Sajana, they are willing to accommodate new creations by talented content writers. Very importantly, they focus on contemporary social issues of the country for their creations. It has to be pointed out the fact that “Lanka Link” unlike You Tube can bring dollars to our country. We should not forget that You Tube channels are pumping our country’s money to other multi-national companies. The solution to this issue is the “Lanka Link”


“It was really challenging for us to make Lanka Link available on Android, Samsung and Apple platforms.

Apart from that, we had to rebuild trust about our “Lanka Link” among artistes because most people don’t like to rely on a new digital arena due to various reasons such as copyright violation. I have to thank veteran film producer Tissa Nagodavithana’s son Haren Nagodavithana for being with us.

In addition, we had to bear the cost for streaming services as well. Those were the challenges we faced.” Sajana said.

Those who helped us

“I launched this digital arena with the support of my friends. I together with Sunny Wijewardana and Chandima Jayanetti created Lanka Link. I have to thank those who trusted our Lanka Link. My special thanks should go to Haren Nagodavithana. It is because he granted me the permission for many cinematic creations.

My wife too was with me to embark on this journey. Apart from them, Vishwanath Thenuwara should deserve credit for making the Lanka Link wide-spread in Sri Lanka. Our next plan is to make Lanka Link available in countries such as South Korea , Dubai and Europe, Sajana said.