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Most anticipated books for 2022

9 January, 2022

With the Covid-19 pandemic one of the severely affected fields is the book industry. During the past two years it experienced a major setback, and some publishers even stopped their publishing altogether.

However, this year the people in the book industry seem to have launched projects to overcome the situation. One such project is the listing out of major books that are going to be published this year.

So, some prominent newspapers and people linked to the publishing industry have started to present their choices about main books which are ready to launched. The following is such choices about the most anticipated books of the year.

First, Time Magazine offered 21 most demanding books in 2022:

A.’ Olga Dies Dreaming’ by Xochitl Gonzalez

This is Xochitl Gonzalez’ debut novel, and through it she dives into the complex family dynamics of protagonist Olga and Prieto Acevedo, siblings taking New York City by storm. Eventually, she delivers a healthy dose of tough love with it. The book was published on January 4.

B. ‘Fiona and Jane’ by Jean Chen Ho

A debut novel by Jean Chen Ho. Centering on nearly two decades of best friendship between the two titular Taiwanese American women, the novel reads like a love letter to the beauty and intensity of their relationship. The book was released on January 4.

C. ‘To Paradise’ by Hanya Yanagihara

Tracing three fantastical, heartbreaking narratives across distinct timelines, this novel follows the lives of multiple characters who, despite being separated by centuries, find connection through the shared space of a townhouse on the edge of Washington Square Park in New York City. It is set to be launched on January 11.

D. ‘Manifesto: On Never Giving Up’ by Bernardine Evaristo

A dazzling nonfiction debut with author’s memoir, ‘Manifesto: On Never Giving Up’, a triumphant meditation on her life as a writer, a black woman and an activist. In taking stock of her experiences, Evaristo—who became the first black woman to win the Booker Prize with her 2019 novel ‘Girl, Woman, Other’—not only provides a compelling look at her life and career, but also provides valuable insights into the intersections of race, gender and identity in our world. This will be launched on January 18.

E. ‘South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation’ by Imani Perry

Imani Perry, Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University, returned to her hometown in Alabama seeking to challenge what we think we know about the South. In ‘South to America’, Perry shows readers that there is no one archetype of the American South, as she considers everything from immigrant communities to the legacy of slavery to her own ancestral roots.

The book will be published on January 25.

F. ‘Moon Witch, Spider King’ by Marlon James

Marlon James opened his ‘Dark Star’ trilogy in 2019 with ‘Black Leopard, Red Wolf’, a National Book Award finalist that’s set to be adapted for film by Michael B. Jordan. In the much-anticipated second installment, ‘Moon Witch, Spider King’, Sogolon the Moon Witch—who’s 177 years old—provides her own perspective on the events of the first book, re-telling the adventure tale from a separate point of view. To be launched on February 15.

G. ‘When I’m Gone, Look for Me in the East’ by Quan Barry

This novel demonstrates Barry’s flair for examining the metaphysical and transporting readers to far-away places. It’s about estranged twin brothers in Mongolia who set out on a journey to find the reincarnation of an important spiritual leader. It will be out on February 22.

H. ‘In the Margins: On the Pleasures of Reading and Writing’ by Elena Ferrante

Though the true identity of Elena Ferrante remains unconfirmed, curious fans can at least get a candid look inside her writing process from this collection of razor-sharp essays that detail her journey to becoming the internationally renowned author she is today. Set to be launched on March 15.

I. ‘Ancestor Trouble: A Reckoning and a Reconciliation’ by Maud Newton

Maud Newton delves deep into her family’s unconventional—and at times, shocking—past in this debut book. Newton has long been fascinated by her family’s colorful, almost folkloric history; she had a grandfather who was shot by one of his 13 wives and a female ancestor who was accused of being a witch in puritanical New England. But a closer look at her family tree prompted Newton to reckon with darker secrets, like her family’s role in slavery andnative genocide. The book will come out on March 29.

‘The Trayvon Generation’ by Elizabeth Alexander In an expansion of her 2020 New Yorker essay, author and poet Elizabeth Alexander, a Pulitzer finalist, examines the experiences of the generation of black children in America who were born after Trayvon Martin was killed—a generation that has grown up in the glare of racial trauma. It will be launched on April 5.