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Exhilarating story behind Dilan’s 50th song

14 May, 2021

If words can talk obviously lyrics can breathe. If the lyrics can breathe the lyricist becomes the life-giver to the lyrics.

The difference between an artiste and an ordinary human is that any artist can be a human but any human can never be an artiste. It is because of the penetrating wisdom into human lives owned by the artistes.

A young versatile lyricist better known as “Gautam” had received his education from Sri Sumangala College Panadura. He hails from Pothupitiya in Wadduwa.

Being inspired by the foundation laid by his Alma-mater Dilan Gautamadasa who has a knack for music he has entered the Sri Lankan music field in the year 2014 as a young lyricist.

At present this talented artist in his endeavour to make his name “Gautam” engraved in everyone’s mind as the “ lyricist in hearts” spends the 7th year of his music career. In addition he stays in the field as a music producer who owns two music production houses.

“Ale kathawak”

The most exciting fact for all his fans is the fact that his 50th novel song titled “Ale kathawak” sung by Sasanka Perera has already been released.

The heart throbbing music for this song has been composed by another talented artist named Gayan Randy Perera. As mentioned by Dilan, even now he is receiving a lot of love and comments on the song from his fans regardless of race and religion.

Dilan awakening his past memories told the Sunday Observer that when he started to compose songs as a beginner, he did not have a proper knowledge of the music field.

Turning point in life

A turning point is the moment you change your entire destiny. As Dilan said, the song titled “Shungari” composed by Dilan and sung by Rahal Alwis is the turning point in Dilan’s life. Mainly because it is the song which has brought him to everyone as a lyricist. In addition some of his beautiful songs such as “Miyedena mohothak ewi”, “Mage Nowana mathu daka” and “Mage sudu Amma” have won everyone’s hearts.

Upcoming songs

Speaking of Dilan’s upcoming songs , “Mage heena “ sung by a child singer named Sanuji Ranasinghe and “Dehedak” sung by Asanka Susew are among the upcoming songs to be released.

Purpose in life

Dilan whose purpose is introducing the new talented artistes and writers to the music field mentioned that he will continue his daily tasks uninterruptedly in the face of Covid-19.

“What I want is introducing new talented artistes to the music field and helping them build up their own paths. “ Dilan told the Sunday Observer.

The giant shadows behind his success

Behind every giant river there can be seen many tributaries that feed the main rivers.

Dilan, remembering those who have lent a hand to him, expressed his sincere gratitude to his beloved parents and lover.

With much love from the bottom of his heart Dilan remembered all of his fans who enjoy his songs.

He said that there will dawn a new era in which we all can breathe freely sans masks.

“I wish that there will dawn a new era in which Covid-19 pandemic goes away from the country and we all can breathe freely.”

By and large, it can be said that young talented artistes such as Dilan will bear testimony to a refreshing change in the Sri Lankan music industry.