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Lord Kuberan, the God of wealth in Hinduism

28 March, 2021

Lord Kuberan occupies an important place in Hinduism. Lord Kuberan is the God of Wealth in Hinduism. His figure is often described in the form of a white dwarf.

It is said that he is a friend of Lord Indra and a servant of Lord Vishnu. His wife is Chitrari. Kuberan is a devotee of Lord Ruthra (Lord Shiva). Gadauyutham is his weapon. According to legend, Kuberan was the king of Lanka and stepbrother of the ancient Lankan king Ravana.

King Ravana kept Kuberan under his captivity to preserve his wealth. According to one Hindu legend, in his earlier birth, Lord Kuberan was a thief. Once when he was robbing the Shivan temple, the light of the temple was blown out. He consequently tried to light the lamp ten times. The attempts earned him credit. He was blessed to be born the king of wealth, Kuberan.

God of wealth

Being the God of wealth, he is covered with jewels and ornaments. His body has a certain deformity. He has three legs and eight teeth only. According to Hindu legend, due to his physical defects, Lord Brahma gifted him a specially designed chariot to move freely.

The chariot was designed by Vishwakarma. It was called Pushpaka Vimanam.

According to another Hindu legend, Vishwakarma created the beautiful Lanka for the Rakshatha clan, but it left the country due to the fear of Lord Vishnu who might attack them. Lanka was a rich land.

Kuberan took it into his possession. At one stage, the Rakshathas were much interested in occupying the abandoned land and they sent a woman to attract Kuberan’s father.

She was the daughter of one of the chiefs, princess Kaikesi. She is also known as Kaikeyi. She succeeded in her mission and ultimately married Kuberan’s father Vishrava (or Vesamuni).

Ravana’s father was Vishrava (or Vesamuni). His mother was Kaikesi who had three sons and one daughter. Ravana, Vibushanan, Kumberkarnan and Soorpankai were their children.

Ravana was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He was blessed with numerous exceptional powers. With his divine power, he defeated Kuberan and captured his powerful vehicle Pushpaka Vimanam. It was said that the vehicle gifted by Lord Bhrama was stolen by Ravana and used by him to attack the Gods and abduct Sita Devi, wife of Lord Sri Rama. Kuberan could not recapture his kingdom from Ravana. Vishwakarma built another beautiful kingdom for Kuberan, at Mount Kailash.

Richest Hindu temple

The beautiful and richest state was named Alaka or Alaka Puri, with its beautiful garden named Chaitraratha.Kuberan was the dominant head and guardian of the Northern direction. His second kingdom Alaka was considered much more suitable to watch and protect the wealth of the world. According to Hinduism, Lord Venkadesawara borrowed a huge amount of money for his marriage from Kuberan which was said to have been repaid by Lord Venkadesawara on instalment basis within the period of Kaliyuga.Today, Thirupathi Thirumalai Devasthanam is the abode of Lord Venkateswara and it is the richest Hindu temple in the world. At the temple, Kubera Yantha was installed. The sacred Kubera Yanthra must be the secret of attracting millions of devotees from all over the world.

The devotees donate cash, gold and precious ornaments. According to a verse in Aaswiyuja bahula trayodasi, the temple is considered to bring wealth and prosperity. Mantra Mahodhadi gives details of Kubera Manthra. Another sacred Mantra Maharnava indicates the process of worshipping Kubera Yanthra.

The Yanthras are made out of metals. According to the Hindu Agama sastras, scientific line figures are drawn in such a manner to focus at a particular point where the radiation generates and spreads all over the universe. It is believed that the full moon of Deepavali day is the most suitable day to worship the Kubera Yanthra. It is believed that a properly and perfectly drawn geometrical Yantra brings fortune to the possessor.

The Yanthra is always kept at the temples, cash boxes and almirahs. The Yantra is cleaned with lotus petals, washed with milk and kept on a red silk cloth. The Yantra is always worshipped with five headed ghee lamp. Those who worship it for 72 days will be blessed with all the material wealth in the world.