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Dream-reading machine of Japan

14 February, 2021

Have you ever thought to record and play back your dreams like a movie? Certainly your answer will be” No “. But now recording your dreams is not a dream anymore.

A dream is a series of thoughts or images that happen in your mind during your sleep. As if through a miracle, Japanese scientists have discovered a method to record your dreams by means of the Magnetic Resonance Imagining scanner (MRI Scanner).

In this digitalised era, the development of science and technology has transcended all the boundaries making everything possible to achieve. Indeed, humans seem to be undergoing a magical transformation.


To decode the images in the mind during the sleep with the dream-reading machine, they have integrated the data into the algorithm which reconstructs the dreams. Speaking of the algorithm, it can be used to integrate the data from a brain to the appropriate correlated images. The phenomenon they have used is the fact that the human brain produces hormones when we dream during our sleep.

On the other hand, the hormones produced by the brain is related to what we have dreamt in our sleep. For instance, when we see a rat in our dreams, our brain will produce hormones to distinguish it.


According to the studies, the scientists have used two techniques to achieve the goal of the dream-reading machine. In the first technique, a person was asked to sleep in the MRI machine and allowed to dream about something.

The scientists used the EEG readings to identify when the person began to enter a dreaming phase. In the next stage, the same person was woken up and asked to recall what he was dreaming about.

It is reported that this process was repeated nearly 200 times for each a person.

The scientists have divided the collected data and discovered the fact that certain common types of objects from

the persons’ dreams could be correlated with the brain patterns as recorded by the MRI scanner.

In the next stage, the scientists have used an internet search engine to look for images that were similar to the objects from the persons’ dreams and entered the data into a learning algorithm that can refine the model even further.

The constant experiments and researches implemented by the Japanese scientists have enabled them to discover the “Dream-reading machine”.