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Keep Fit at Home

19 April, 2020

Sri Lanka’s pioneering fitness equipment supplier Quantum Fitness encourages its loyal customers and all Sri Lankans to stay indoors and still stay fit during the troubled times. As Sri Lanka goes through the third week of mandatory work-from-home to curb the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the nation Quantum is also using its social media networks to promote fitness and wellness tips.

“At a time when not just Sri Lanka but the entire world is fighting a pandemic, we want to do everything possible to help fight the spread of Covid-19. This is why we hope to obtain necessary approval to deliver exercise equipment to customers’ doorsteps soon, so that they can continue to stay fit in the comfort of their homes”, said Quantum’s Chairman Nomal Wijeyaratne.

Quantum Fitness has taken all necessary steps to ensure that delivery and handling is carried out in the safest manner with the staff gloved and masked during packing, delivery and installation. Furthermore, customers can follow Quantum’s social media channels for daily tips on stay-home exercises and healthy living.

Quantum’s in-house medical professional Dr.Shamini Sinnathamby provides clients with nutrition recommendations recommended by the Sri Lanka Medical Nutrition Association. Some of the recommendations include drinking at least 2 litres of liquid a day to maintain hydration, sticking to 3 main meals without skipping any, including Vitamin C rich foods like Guava, Nelli, Papaya, Oranges, raw Drumstick leaves and raw Carrot leaves in your diet, including Zinc rich foods like Pulses and Egg including yolks to your meals, not consuming highly sweetened beverages or confectionaries, abstaining from alcohol and smoking.

“The dietary requirements to help boost your immune system are not difficult to find in Sri Lanka. Most of our fruits are rich in Vitamin C and the likes of Gauva and Papaya are readily available. Also to stay hydrated you can substitute water for unsweetened beverages like King Coconut, Coriander and light Plain Tea which are common in Sri Lankan households”, she said.

Apart from dietary practices the key to fighting Covid-19 is still the proper techniques of 20 seconds hand washing specifically before preparation of food, before and after eating, after going out and coming back to your homes, and after using the bathroom. Using a disinfectant soap and alcohol-based sanitizer is also a must. Sticking to home-cooked meals, getting adequate rest and sleep, maintaining mental health and creating a positive atmosphere in your home are also imperative during quarantine and lockdown she added.

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