Channel 4 will publicise anything false as ‘true’ for money | Sunday Observer

Channel 4 will publicise anything false as ‘true’ for money

12 September, 2023

Health Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said that Channel 4 is an organisation that works to publish any lie as ‘truth’ for money on social media. This channel has been working in the past to fulfil the needs of certain parties by taking money from them and they have made a film before including scenes that show that a group of LTTE members are being shot dead by the Sri Lankan Army after being arrested, the Minister said.

The Minister stated this while addressing the media on September 10 in Kandy.

He said the film had been made with the purpose of defaming the Sri Lankan Government and the Military and that they had made the film by dressing a certain group of people in clothes similar to the uniform of the Sri Lankan Army.

It was said that it was proved to be a scientifically prepared video by taking care of the sound of the people posing as Army personnel when shooting, the distance between the person shooting and the people who were killed, and the producers were silent at that time. He also emphasised that there is a serious doubt about the video that has been recently released on social media by Channel 4.

The Minister said that it is not possible to accept all the things said in Parliament as truth and there are many cases where the truth is suppressed for the sake of political interests.