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Creating a more beautiful world

3 September, 2023

The Body Shop, is reaffirming its commitment to creating a fairer and more beautiful world with its new global “Changemaking Beauty” campaign; encouraging too customers as independent changemakers and drivers of systemic change.

Founded by Dame Anita Roddick in 1947 on the radically different approach that beauty can be a force for good, The Body Shop has long been recognised for challenging the beauty industry with its inclusive and uplifting vision; creating products and beauty routines that help people feel good in their own skin, while also constantly holding the sector to higher standards and demanding positive change for our communities and planet. Be it through the brand’s broad nature-inspired ethical product portfolio, the sustainability-centred experiences it provides, or the people (customers, colleagues, and partners) that constantly hold themselves accountable, with this new campaign The Body Shop is doubling its efforts in lobbying for societal and environmental justice.

The Changemaking Beauty campaign is founded on tree key pillars: Changemaking For You, Changemaking For Communities, and Changemaking For Planet, where product efficacy and self-love, Community Fair Trade partners, and sustainability feature highly on the agenda.

For nearly the past five decades, The Body Shop has contributed to a bold vision of sustainability, inclusivity, and regeneration, having pioneered ethical sourcing (in addressing all forms of exploitation), environmental consciousness (in sustainably sourcing natural ingredients wherever possible), and cruelty-free manufacturing (the first cosmetic company to ban animal testing) of products that are of the highest quality but with an even higher purpose.

With the brand’s purpose and vision always at the heart of everything it does, The Body Shop has also built for itself a reputation for creating safe formulas that respect all skin types –like with its Hemp Hand Protector-,offering robust protection, moisturisation, and relief, without compromise.