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Don’t miss your chance to dance

2 July, 2023

The Russian School of Ballet and Dancing under the Russian House in Colombo has been the premier Ballet and Dance School in Sri Lanka for decades. It has always been dedicated to the classical art of Russian Ballet which was passed down through generations. Undoubtedly the students of our school acquire and learn the principles of ballet and gain poise, confidence and grace along the way.

Oxana Isaeva

The school is looking forward to expanding the classes to give more opportunities to a larger number of students who are eager to learn this art of finesse. The Russian School of Ballet and Dancing will hold an exclusive workshop conducted by classical ballet dancer Oxana Isaeva at the Russian House in Colombo from July 24 to 29, paving the way to an overwhelming experience.

Oxana Isaeva, a graduate of the prestigious Moscow State Academy of Choreography joined the troupe of the Bolshoi Ballet and later danced with the Moscow Renaissance Ballet Theatre, the Russian Imperial Ballet Theatre, and the Kremlin Ballet Theatre.

During her dancing career, she has shown her colours by playing solo roles in performances conducted by outstanding choreographers in the most respected venues of the world.

Her passion for dancing and teaching will prop a strong base in the upcoming workshop to enhance the skills of our ballet enthusiasts.

This year’s Ballet Workshop provides an opportunity for Sri Lankan dancers to receive personalised dance instructions from one of the most experienced artists of Russian ballet. This valuable opportunity is for the creative dancer in you to be guided in creating seamless and elegant moves crafting the beauty of this loved style of Ballet.

A workshop requires participants to take a hands-on approach to immediately implement the skills they are learning. This promising course is open for beginners and mediate dancers of all ages.