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Union Assurance automates underwriting

4 June, 2023
Jude Gomes-Rumesh Modarage
Jude Gomes-Rumesh Modarage

Union Assurance, has demonstrated its innovative spirit by launching the e-MER (Electronic Medical Examination Report) and digital medical records, becoming the first in the Sri Lankan Life Insurance industry to introduce this breakthrough initiative. It was introduced with top healthcare provider Durdans Hospital, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) April 10, 2023.

The e-MER and digital medical records are expected to significantly expedite the insurance policy issuance process, reducing it to just 15 minutes, which traditionally involves a laborious procedure that spans an average of one and a half working days.

This integration of technology and digital solutions will not only streamline the process but also greatly enhance convenience by facilitating seamless interaction between customers and healthcare providers.

The initiative will result in several benefits. It will enhance the privacy and security of customer data, enable safer and more reliable medical examinations, and promote legible, complete, and accurate documentation. Furthermore, underwriters will have medical records at their fingertips. A complete view of an applicant’s medical history enables Union Assurance to create more comprehensive and granular risk assessments for applicants, facilitating enhanced underwriting risk classification.

In line with the Company’s ‘Go Green’ initiative, this process is designed to be paperless, resulting in substantial time saving for underwriters which enables them to focus more on substandard risks.

The Chief Executive Officer of Union Assurance, Jude Gomes, said that this initiative heralds stronger links between the insurance and medical domains. He emphasised that it marks yet another milestone in the Company’s pursuit of digital supremacy and the simplification of Insurance. “It also aligns with our vision to offer a new-age insurance experience, underpinned by a strong emphasis on convenience, ease, and seamless performance,” he added.

The Chief Technical Officer/Specified Officer of Union Assurance, Rumesh Modarage, who pioneered the automation process, said the e-MER and digital medical records have game-changing implications with a new benchmark for the industry. He added, Union Assurance will continue to deploy such digital innovations to enhance the customer experience and elevate service standards to new heights.

He said that his vision for 2024 is to encompass a 90% automation ratio in underwriting, and Union Assurance has already laid the foundation towards accomplishing that goal.

The Chief Operating Officer of Durdans Hospital, Mahanil Perera, said they were proud to be the digital medical partner of Union Assurance. He said this pioneering initiative illustrates how digitalisation is enhancing the synergies between the medical and insurance fields. “As a leading provider of high-quality healthcare, we also feel it will drive service excellence through sheer convenience, elevating modern lifestyles,” he added.