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Mobile phones

14 May, 2023

A mobile phone is a portable piece equipment which has a system for transmitting a voice over a distance by converting sound vibrations into electrical signals. It can be an advantage but at the same time it can also be a disadvantage.

The main advantage is that we can talk to friends or others who are living far away from us or living near us. Today, people have developed the mobile phone and it has many other options than calling.

For example, we can listen to music, make videos and take photos, play games, watch videos and connect with friends via the internet. During the Covid-19 pandemic, most people started online marketing using the mobile phone. The disadvantages are e spending less time with family and nature.

This makes people neglect family duties and causes harm to the environment. Using the mobile phone for a longtime can cause eye diseases. Some teenagers get addicted to mobile phones.

Everyone should use mobile phones wisely without wasting time or endangering their health.

Yahagee Apara Wanigasekara
Grade 10
Sussex College