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197 countries oppose Sri Lanka

19 March, 2023

Disgraced football in Sri Lanka, or what was left of it, was stripped down to the bone at a meeting of over 200 nations in Kigali, Rwanda in the African continent.

The second shelling that Sri Lanka received came two months after FIFA, the world governing authority of football, banned the island from international competition and declared the sport’s controlling body in the country an international pariah over its failure to fall in line with present day global requirements concerning administrative matters.

At the congress held in Rwanda 197 countries, with the exception of one, voted in favour of the FIFA ban citing arrogance and stubbornness on the part of Sri Lanka to do anything positive to have the ban lifted and enter the international fraternity.

In January this year FIFA banned Sri Lanka over political interference, conducting an election in an improper way and failing to make Constitutional amendments.

The ban according to Sri Lanka officials shuts out the country from an annual grant amounting to Rs. 4 billion provided by FIFA for development activities in addition to the team prohibited from taking part in international matches.