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University education and educational reforms

State Minister invites proposals from MPs

30 October, 2022

State Minister of Higher Education Dr. Suren Raghavan has called upon all parliamentarians to present their proposals to him in writing by November 30 regarding university education and the educational reforms that need to be implemented.

The National Education Commission (NEC) has drawn up an action plan for State universities till 2030 and Prof. Gunapala Nanayakkara has also drawn up an action plan to be considered for implementation in university education, Dr. Raghavan told the Sunday Observer.

The State Minister said the present university curriculum and the syllabi of the Degree courses in State universities have to be updated soon to suit modern local and global job market trends. University students’ skills need to be developed for them to go overseas for lucrative jobs by promoting their professional skills and language proficiency. The Government will increase the annual intake of students to State universities to 42,500.

The curse of brutal ragging in State universities will be done away next year with the help of university lecturers, parents of undergraduates and university students, Dr. Raghavan added.