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LAF annual Scrabble Bash 2020

16 February, 2020

‘Let’s talk about dementia’ is the theme implemented globally in 2020. The theme has wide international appeal and will continue the drive for people to have conversations which will challenge the stigma, leading to action, information, advice and support. This will also enable us Sri Lankans to be able to talk more freely about dementia gradually leading to making a difference in the community.

The Lanka Alzheimers’ Foundation (LAF) continues to do just that and on February 29 (last Saturday in February) the first awareness program for this year begins with the annual Scrabble Bash Tournament which is being held for the eleventh year.

The tournament will be organized and facilitated by Shaila Amalean, a former national player and her team. It comprises two categories and players can decide which category to participate in. Schoolchildren are invited to participate as Scrabble is now an extra-curricular activity in many schools. This will provide them with an opportunity to play with seniors and gain competitive experiences.

Scrabble is known to be one of the many games promoted to stimulate brain activity. It also reduces loneliness and depression which are some of the risk factors for dementia. It is an ideal game to activate brain cells as it requires players to constantly come up with new words that result in maximum scoring. Studies have suggested that decades of playing intensive Scrabble has had positive effects on cognitive abilities.

Those interested in participating could call the office on 2667080, 2667082 or 2667084 to register their names and seek more details. Seniors are encouraged to participate. Players are required to bring their own Scrabble Boards.

The entry fee is Rs.2,500 per participant and Rs.10,000 for a team of four. All participants will be provided with refreshments, tea and lunch on a complimentary basis. Registration starts at 9 am; and participants are requested to be on time at the Foundation located at 110, Ketawalamulla Lane, Colombo 10.

This year, a bargain sale of clothing will be on the cards during the lunch break.