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MCC, SOFA first priority national interest - Sajith

29 September, 2019

Minister Sajith Premadasa, commenting on his stance on the international agreements said, his first priority would be national interest.

Responding to a question by the media whether he would give the go ahead to the proposed MCC and SOFA agreements with the United States if appointed, he said, “ As far as the international agreements are concerned as with any other policy decisions, the foremost priority would be national interest.”

He promised to have a fresh look at all international political, economic, trade and security agreements and to do a thorough cost benefit analysis in a transparent manner with the support of all stakeholders, including specialists in those particular topics.”If the benefits to the country and its people outweigh the costs, that will be government policy.

That is the modern way of accomplishing good governance,” He vowed that decisions will not be taken on the benefits to the ruling party or a particular family.

The Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement and renewal of Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) have been suspiciously viewed by the people in the light of negative propaganda by the Opposition. Due to the controversy created, the government was compelled to retract the agreements temporarily.

The DNF Presidential candidate said the constitutional process failed due to not having an efficient methodology to keep the masses informed.

He said awareness is key in a society infested with polarizing elements who want to give misinterpretations to everything done in good faith.”It is extremely important when you venture on a new voyage. Whenever there is lack of information, it is replaced by disinformation, and false propaganda,” he said.