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An interesting story we studied

10 September, 2023

The interesting story we studied was the Mill on the floss. It was published in 1860 and the author of this book is Mary Ann Evans. She wrote this and all her other novels under the pen name of Geoge Eliot. The main characters in this story are Mr. and Mrs. Tulliver, Tom and Maggie. Mr. Tulliver is a miller.

The name of the mill is Dorlcote Mill. The mill stood on the Ripple, a small tributary of the River Floss and the nearest town was the old red-roofed town of St. Oggs. Their lad Tom was thirteen years old. Mr. Tulliver wanted to make Tom a scholar. Their little lass, Maggie was twice as clever as Tom.

Umaima Rashid

Grade 10

Hafsa Ladies Arabic College