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St. Bridget’s Convent shines at

International Gymnastics Tournament

10 September, 2023

The talented gymnasts of St. Bridget’s Convent Colombo 7 showcased their exceptional skills at the 8th Total Gym International Gymnastics Tournament at The Summit USJ in Malaysia recently.

The event brought together participants from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia, creating a dynamic platform for gymnasts to display their prowess.

The Primary Gymnastic teams of St. Bridget’s Convent delivered outstanding performanceswith dedication, determination and grace.

The young athletes demonstrated their commitment to the sport, making their school and nation proud.

The highlight of the tournament was the Gym Dance (Under-12) category, The school’s teams, aptly named Team (C), Team (A) and Team (B), exhibited their flawless routines and captivating choreography, earning well-deserved recognition.

Team (C) secured the 1st place, showcasing their exceptional synchronisation and coordination.

Team (A) claimed the 2nd place with a remarkable performance. Team (B) also seured the 6th place.

The tournament provided an opportunity for the gymnasts to compete on an international stage, fostering friendship and healthy competition among the participating countries. St. Bridget’s Convent not only demonstrated their commitment to physical excellence, but also displayed the values of teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.

The school’s achievement is a testament to the dedication of the gymnasts, their coaches and the unwavering support of their families and school community.