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Struggles of being a teenager

13 August, 2023

Teenage is an essential part of life which each person has to go though during life’s journey. The teenage years are different for everyone depending on the situation, environment and the challenges they will have to face. Some people will overcome this phase of their life smoothly and effortlessly while others will have to overcome many obstacles and difficulties. Some of the common causes for this are poverty, lack of self esteem, drug addiction, and depression.

Many teenagers seem to have an identity crisis during this time. They try their best to identify who they truly are and struggle to keep up with the responsibilities they are given. Many parents also have great expectations of their children without knowing what they are going through which can make it even harder for them to cope with their teenage.

The way teenagers lived back then are incomparable to what they have to now face. Today’s teens have to face many challenges mentally unlike in the past. Parents also have to spend some quality time with their children and assist them in all the things they need guidance until they adapt themselves as they are bound to make mistakes in encountering situations they have never dealt with before.

Negative peer influence is one of the main reasons for delinquency among young people. Thus, they will also have a difficult time in recognising who are the correct people for them to associate with it. Therefore, is the responsibility of adults who have already confronted these types of situation to understand the teenagers give and then love, affection and the guidance they need.

Fathima Zahra

Grade 9-C1

Colombo South International College