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Fading mankind

23 July, 2023

The universe is a beautiful creation which is created by nature, and its aliveness can be breath taking today. But the time ahead in a 100 years can be completely different from today. Human beings are capable of feelings such as joy, sadness and anger.

But in the future, we won’t be able to experience emotions as we can eventually turn into slaves in a world with technology without any basic emotion, and even be treated without humanity as the development of artificial intelligence grows in human evolution.

The existence of human nature can remain as a new element in history, also simple things such as trees, organic air, even our mother earth might not exist.

Robots and people may live on other planets outer space, with artificial artifacts. Although we are growing day-by-day We must make sure that we cherish every second we spend on this precious earth and also learn to love and treat everyone equally without any hate. Life can be short and we never know what can be ahead us.

C. Karen Aksha
Grade 10
OKI International School,