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Expand your vocabulary

25 June, 2023

1. Bane

A. affliction

B. prediction

C. regimen

D. ruler

2. Eke

A. startle

B. supplement

C. to fade

D. escape

3. Gnash

A. boil

B. to sell

C. grind

D. ruin

4. Font

A. pulpit

B. tower

C. statue

D. source

5. Quell

A. suppress

B. to hide

C. to expose

D. alter

6. Faze

A. blur

B. disturb

C. endanger

D. eliminate

7. Shank

A. joke

B. shin

C. link

D. joint

8. Doff

A. bow

B. to cheat

C. to take off

D. to listen

9. Lore

A. fascination

B. sentiment

C. trap

D. knowledge

10. Grit

A. pluck

B. temper

C. patience

D. innocence

11. Deft

A. orderly

B. skilful

C. quirky

D. experienced

12. Wreak

A. to smell

B. to hear

C. inflict

D. twist

13. Bidet

A. kitchen gadget

B. ship’s hardware

C. dentist’s tool

D. bathroom fixture

14. Cajole

A. coax

B. chatter

C. gossip

D. amuse

15. Rouse

A. smother

B. excite

C. jiggle

D. interest

16. Bucolic

A. urban

B. provincial

C. rural

D. overseas

17. Jinx

Something that rings

A. good luck

B. despair

C. hope

D. bad luck

18. Mews

A. stables

B. gardens

C. estates

D. orchards

19. Mawkish

A. irrelevant

B. sentimental

C. foolish

D. kind

20. Feisty

A. sad-looking

B. fun-loving

C. quarrelsome

D. nitpicking



1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

5. A

6. B

7. B

8. C

9. D

10. A

11. B

12. C

13. D

14. A

15. B

16. C

17. D

18. A

19. B

20. C



10 – 14 Correct: Good

15 – 17 Correct: Excellent

18 – 20 Correct: Exceptional