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The rainbow

28 May, 2023

Red, orange, green and blue

Indigo and violet too

The nature’s way to teach us to be together

So, follow the advice given by nature

When you see a rainbow understand this

cooperation and teamwork are the key to success

So, you can shine bright together

Trying to catch our poor rainbow

Is a sigh of foolishness

Wickedness and also greed,

So, stop this bad habit

Once and for all

So, all the stubborn ones

Must be weeping and crying away saying

Oh, why is this a bad habit

We really want to get gold

Well, well I’ll tell you why

Because finding gold if you catch a rainbow,

Is nothing but a myth

Now, will you stop this bad habit

First, here is something surprising to hear

I’ll tell you how the rainbow was born,

Mr. Sun dashed home from work

Tired from his greatest responsibilities

When he saw Mrs. raindrop happening by

Mrs. raindrop was very hurt and showed her pain

In a strange way

In a form of seven beautiful colours

So, the streaming regalia of colours turned into a baby and

Baby rainbow was born

Yenuli Kalyananda
Grade 4
Lyceum International School