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My favourite books

28 May, 2023

My favourite books are the Sherlock Holmes secret investigations letter folders. These books were written by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle. He has written 56 books.

Sherlock Holmes is an imaginary character and he is brought to life as a private detective by Sir Arthur Connan Doyle. Dr. John Watson is included in these stories as the constant companion of Sherlock Holmes.

He helps Sherlock to solve the murder cases. Holmes had an elder brother and he is Microft Holmes. The other main characters of the Sherlock Holmes stories are G. Lesttrade and Tobius Gregson. They are also detectives who work at Scotland Yard. Usually, these detectives get help from Holmes to solve crimes and arrest the criminals.

Actually, Sherlock Holmes is very good at investigations. He is a very intelligent person.

These are my favourite books and enjoy reading them. There are many adventurous incidents in these books. When I read these books, they always carry me to an interesting and amazing world.

J.H.D. Sandaru Vidunitha Jayasundara
Grade 9-G
Sripalee College