Mother’s Day | Sunday Observer

Mother’s Day

28 May, 2023

The person who I love the most,

The person who loves me more than myself,

You are a blessing bestowed by God.

Bravest and strongest of all,

Are our mothers,

Who had to bear so much pain

for months and months,

To bring us to life.

Paradise lies under mothers’ feet,

You are my first love,

And you are my heartbeat.

You always teach me something new,

You were always by my side,

You were the one who wiped my tears,

When I feared or cried.

Thank you for always being there for me,

Thank you for teaching me,

To solve my own problems,

Thank you won’t be enough.

Where did you find so much strength,

To do almost everything,

To be my mentor, cook, nurse, motivator,

Yet you don’t spare some time for yourself.

You get us the finest clothes,

You always want the best for us,

But not for yourself?

A mother’s love cannot be explained,

It’s made of sacrifice and pain,

Nothing can destroy it.

Hikma Manajir
Grade 11 - B
Springfield College