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Bunny's birthday

21 May, 2023

There was a rabbit. It’s name is Bunny. His birthday was last Monday.

He got many presents. His friends played with him. But, he didn’t share his new toys with them.

Elephant: “Shall we play with your new toys?”

Bunny: “No, they are mine. I can’t give you”

His friends were very sad. They went away. They never played with Bunny again. They played outside. Bunny was alone. He could not play with his friends. He played alone in his room. He was sad. He wanted his friends. He called them and said, “I’m sorry. Please come to play with me.” His friends came back and he was very happy. He shared all his new toys with his friends and they played happily.

Maleesha Methmini,
Grade 7
A Zone International English Academy