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The wolf and the rabbit

14 May, 2023

Once upon a time, there was a greedy wolf. He ate all the animals and people.

One day, a rabbit walked around the woods. He saw the wolf but the rabbit was brave. He knew the animals were in big trouble because of this wolf. The rabbit had an idea. The wolf wanted to eat the rabbit.

“Are you going to eat me”? asked the rabbit. “Yes, I will,” said the wolf. “Ok, try to catch me wolf”, said the rabbit and jumped very fast. But, the wolf couldn’t reach the rabbit. The animals tried to run. “Don’t run, I have a trap”, said the rabbit. He spread some wild meat on the ground and put a trap on it. The wolf couldn’t find the rabbit.

He was very tired and saw some meat. Wanting to eat all the meat the wolf ran to the trap and got caught in it.

The animals handed the trapped wolf to the jungle police. Everyone cheered the rabbit for saving their lives. What a great hero the rabbit was.

M.A. Kemith Enuka Hansath
Grade 5,
R/Ba/Thalangama School