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The Beauty of Sri Lanka at University of California Art Gallery

9 April, 2023

America Sri Lanka Photographic Art Society Los Angeles (ASPAS), in association with the Consulate General of Sri Lanka in Los Angeles, will hold “The Beauty of Sri Lanka,” the third annual photographic exhibition on April 22 and 23 at the Art Gallery of the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) in commemoration of Earth Day 2023 and the 75th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Sri Lanka and the United States.

The exhibition, themed “Sri Lanka in Focus,” is designed to promote tourism in Sri Lanka, showcasing the scenic beauty and the 2500-year-old historical and cultural heritage of the island. It also aims to raise awareness about environmental issues. To commemorate Earth Day 2023, the keynote speaker, Prof. Glen MacDonald, Professor of Ecology and Geography, will address such concerns.

The exhibition will feature a series of related events, including a seminar, lectures, and a cultural performance led by Sandani S. Kahandugoda, Director of Cultural Affairs (ASPAS), an exponent of Sri Lankan traditional dance forms, and former lead dancer of the famed Chitrasena Dance Academy, and Waruna Hemachandra, an exponent of former traditional drumming who toured several countries with the Chitrasena Dance Academy. Thath Jith Dance School students, directed by Prasanna Yamasinghe, will also perform. Several specialists from Sri Lanka have been invited to participate in the seminars and lectures, enhancing the exhibition program and attracting the American public to the event.