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Education Ministry releases

Rs. 814 Mn for School midday meal programme

18 March, 2023

Over Rs. 814 million has been released to the Provincial Education Departments by the Education Ministry for the implementation of the school midday meal programme for the month of January 2023.

Also, rice, lentils and salmon as well as cooking oil have been awarded under the World Food Programme and American Aid for the school meal programme. Rice is included on the menu for all five days of the week. Arrangements have been made to double the number of 1.1 million children who have been given lunch so far from the next school term and accordingly provide lunch to 51 percent of all school children.

The meal programme will help create a tendency to increase children’s attendance at school, encourage healthy eating habits and provide children with a balanced diet, maintaining the physical and mental health of schoolchildren at an appropriate level, as well as enabling schoolchildren to engage in educational activities in a more optimal manner with proper attention in the classroom.