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UGC calls for University admissions from September 14

7 September, 2023

The University Grants Commission (UGC) is now calling applications for university admission for the 2022/23 academic year from September 14 based on the results of the students who passed the GCE Advanced Level examination held last year 2022.

Accordingly, around 45,000 students will be selected to the national university system this year. Meanwhile several universities and faculties have taken steps to introduce 12 new degree courses this year and 20 new Departments have been started.

University Grants Commission Chairman Prof.Sampath Amaratunga told a special media briefing yesterday (6) at the Government Information Department auditorium that the UGC has issued course books to the reputed book shops.

The availability of course books can be referred by logging on the official website of the UGC. ( Applicants can download the student course book or it can also be obtained from UGC premises. Also, this book can be obtained through mail order, so this book is already available in bookstores.

“Applications will be called from September 14. Students can send their university applications to the UGC through e-mail.

Even now, the student handbook can be obtained from registered bookstores.One should submit his ir her application correctly. Applications can be sent from September 14. More students will be selected for universities this year than the previous year. 43,927 students were selected for universities last year but it has been planned to select 45,000 for the national university system for the year 2022/2023. There are several new degree courses introduced this year. The Sabaragamuwa University is recruiting 50 students for Data Science and 75 students are recruited for Primary Education.The Colombo Medicine Faculty is enrolling students for Medical Imaging Technology,” he said. He added that a new Medical Faculty is started in the Uva Wellassa University and 50 students will be enrolled.

“If you need to get advice on the online application for university admissions related to the 2022/2023 academic year based on the results of the 2022 A-Level examination, you can get the necessary information by calling 0112695301, 0112695302, 0112692357 or 0112675854 or 1919. Calls can be made from 8 am to 8 pm,” he added.

He said that of the 263,933 students who faced the Advanced Level Examination 166,938 have obtained the minimum qualification for entering universities. Of them 45,000 are selected for State universities this year. It is about 27 percent. 1,480 students were admitted for medicine in 2018/19 and the number has increased to 2,035 by now.