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Medin full moon Poya day

5 March, 2023

In March, Buddhists worldwide celebrate the Medin full moon Poya day.

This day has many significant events in the history of the Gauthama Buddha Sasana.

King Suddhodhana invited the Buddha to visit Kimbulwathpura for the first time, six years after his Enlightenment. The Buddha accepted the invitation of his father and on the Medin full moon Poya day, he visited Kimbulwathpura with the Maha Sangha.


The Buddha performed the Yamamahapelahara to overcome the pride of his relatives.

It was on this occasion that King Suddhodhana worshipped his beloved son, the Gauthama Buddha for the third time.

On this Poya day, the Buddha preached the Sandakinduru Jathakaya to Princess Yashodhara and preached the Vessanthara Jathakaya to his relatives.

During the Buddha’s visit to Kimbulwathpura, many of his relatives entered the Buddha Sasana. Among them were his son Prince Rahula, Prince Nanda and the Buddha’s brother-in-law Prince Devadatta.

After Prince Rahula’s ordination King Suddhodhana and Princess Yashodhara were very upset. At King Suddhodhana’s request, the Buddha introduced a rule saying not to ordain any children without permission from their parents.

For Sri Lankan Buddhists, Medin full moon Poya day is important as it marks the peak of the Sri Pada pilgrimage season.

Buddhists in Sri Lanka, mark the Medin full moon Poya day every year engaging in many religious activities.

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